[LCDR] R. Ramsey posted Jun 26, 17

Welcome to SEAL Team 9

I hope you enjoy yourself here in SEAL Team 9. This unit enjoys playing operations throughout the week. If you are interested in becoming apart of our team please come on TeamSpeak and look for a recruiter! If you are currently a member of our team and have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please direct them up your chain of command.

Though SEAL Team 9 attempts to emulate some real-life military aspects in terms of structure and tactics it hopes to promote a clean and fun atmosphere for all ages 16 years or older. We will show everyone the mutual respect they deserve and hope to teach you something new in your time with us. We look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield.

Night Time is the Right Time, SEAL Team 9 Hooyah!

Message from the Commander

Signed CDR R. Ramsey